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Travel Routes

All roads to Yap lead through Guam or Palau. United owns the market in Micronesia for International flights. The United flights from Guam-Yap leave Guam at approximately 10:00 p.m. Tuesday nights and again on Saturday nights. Return from Yap-Guam is an unfortunate Yap departure at 2:30 a.m. We are hoping that more airline providers catch on to our market as this current unreasonable schedule intrudes on the island attitude.

Lodging in Yap

There are several choices in Yap that we can recommend, depending on your budget and requirements. All will pick you up at the airport. We have stayed at most of them so our experience is first hand. For a listing of hotels just talk to us and we can recommend a place. Yap is the home of Stone Money and Manta rays and should not be missed. A stopover in Yap is highly recommended, especially if you are a snorkeler or diver. Fishing is good too. A stay-over will let you acclimate a bit before you step off into the wilderness.

Getting to the Lodge

The lodge accessible through Yap proper by both air and sea. Pacific Missionary Aviation ( or by ship (Sea Transportation Division; Colonia, Yap FM 96943; Phone: (691) 350- 2403/3668; Fax: 350-2267). The Missionary plane flies from Yap to the outer islands (including Ulithi) twice a week, Monday’s and Fridays. They DO NOT fly on Sundays, regardless if you charter or not, so plan accordingly. Please feel free to contact us for travel assistance and we will be happy to give you a basic itinerary outline to aid in your planning. Because of remote nature of this adventure, we recommend you purchase travel insurance, just in case.