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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I bring gifts for the islanders?

Yes. It is customary to bring a small gift for the High Chief in MogMog. We normally bring a bucket of cookies (purchase in Yap) for the children and bags of betel nut (also in Yap) go a long way in making friends.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Crime is virtually non-existent in these parts. Most if not all customs and social expectations revolve around “keeping the peace”. Guns (except spearguns) are prohibited. You will feel welcomed and leave the place with a new found appreciation for simplicity.

Is the water warm?

Averaging 83° All year-round. It’s fantastic.

Is there water?

Of course. We provide treated water catchment (the islanders all utilize this method). We also have a water cooler for filling your containers for the day.

Is there power?

Yes. Micronesia is on 120 v, same as North America. The island has it’s own diesel generator and the local utility is installing a 67 kW solar setup that should help with the somewhat frequent outages.

What about food?

We serve 3 meals a day and will pack a lunch for those guests going on excursions. Most are served on the patio or if you would like a more intimate setting just let us know. Meals are $50 per person per day and normally consist of local produce and the freshest fish imaginable. Occasionally lobster and coconut crab will be served if it is in season. If you are a fisherman, we will cook your catch.

The lodge does have a liquor license so if you would like us to order something special for your visit just let us know.

Are there medical facilities?

Yes. Each populated island has a clinic to handle cuts and minor injuries. More serious cases are air-transported by PMA to Yap (this is free of charge). If even more serious, Guam has excellent medical facilities. Transport from Yap to Guam is on your dime, so we strongly suggest trip insurance. It’s cheap and the peace of mind is worth it.

Are there mosquitoes?

Yes, but not as many as you would expect. Bring bug spray regardless. These are the small little buggers that will get you underneath the table without you knowing. The community regularly sweeps for standing water so the bugs aren’t that bad at all.

Are there poisonous creatures?

Nope. There are some aquatic ones but on land we have yet to see any.

What sporting equipment and attire should I bring?

Mask, fins, Snorkel, reef booties, etc. are crucial . You may spearfish but the location MUST be arranged in advance through the proper channels. We have had guests think that they can go anywhere and do anything, but Ulithi is not that sort of place. The reef (s) and islands are all clan owned and the Chiefs of those clans have final say on whether you can visit or not.

We are in the process of acquiring a compressor for those of you that dive. If you fish plan on bringing heavy gear as the fish are big and the water is deep. SUP’s are nice to have and of course a surfboard!

The weather can range from warm, warm and rainy, and then to brutally hot when there is no breeze. Dress accordingly.

Do I need a wetsuit?

The water is very warm but with boat rides and an occasional rainstorm it might not be a bad idea.