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The atoll has some of the most incredible drop offs and elevation changes in the world. We are the closest land mass to Challenger Deep and 200 yards in front of the lodge it drops to 2100 ft. The deep water welling up is incredibly rich. The larger pelagics (tuna, Wahoo, various billfish species, mahi, etc) are plentiful for trolling, casting, and fly fishing. All of the big boys play here, including several species of shark.

Giant Trevally

The atoll is also home to the infamous Giant Trevally, one of the most elusive and sought after big game fish. If you pick a fight with this freight train, plan on bringing extra gear as there isn’t a shop in sight. Some of the deepest channel depth variation found in nature along with the accompanying surf zones makes Ulithi the perfect habitat for GT’s. The flats consist of hard white sand, turtle grass and broken coral which make for comfortable wading. At low tide it is possible to walk between the islands on this broken coral, casting for tailing fish on the flats or into the surf for whatever lurks below.


Giant Dog Tooth Tuna, along with numerous other species can be taken with spearfishing gear but we caution this is not an area to be taken lightly. Only those with documented experience will be allowed to attempt this most adventurous but rewarding sport. Special permission must be granted by the reef owners and we do not ask lightly and we take safety very seriously. The water is deep and the fish are big. We take only enough for the lodge and share the take with the clans that own the host islands.