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Ulithi is part of Yap State, within the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). The FSM consists of 607 islands scattered across more than one million square miles of the western Pacific Ocean. The islands are grouped into four geopolitical states: from west to east, Yap, Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Kosrae.

The atoll is 400 miles SW of Guam and 100 miles NE of Yap proper, on the western edge of the state. It boasts 200 miles of reef and a cluster of 41 low islets in that circle a huge lagoon. The setting provides an incredible opportunity for the adventurous spirit while offering a family friendly island culture full of history and tradition.

The lagoon is the fourth largest in the world and the Atoll is the closest land mass to Challenger Deep, the deepest point on the earth. James Cameron of Avatar and Titanic fame recently set a world record by diving solo to the bottom of the trench for a National Geographic sponsored expedition. James and his crew stayed at the lodge for over 3 weeks. It is simply is a one of the most beautiful spots on the planet.

We recommend downloading Google Earth at the link below. It’s free and really gives a good view of the atoll.
Install it and search and zoom to Ulithi. The lodge is located on Falalop, the island just outside the lagoon (the one with the airstrip). The lodge sits on the southwest (leeward) side of the island.

The atoll is vast, forming a huge ring with just four inhabited islands on the north and east side. The water depth 200 yards in front of the lodge drops off to an incredible 2100 ft. This type of depth change is one of the most unique in the world and makes for incredibly diverse flora and fauna. Outside the atoll it drops to 35,755 ft, which is greater than Mount Everest.